Tema Telecoms, a merger between two of Orion Telecom’s largest agents, drew up a proposal to address the need for broad-based Black Empowerment in the information and communications technology (ICT) market. Tema had acquired an in-depth understanding of Black Empowerment Equity (BEE) requirements by dealing with government on a national and provincial level, as well as large corporates who required strict BEE compliance.

By partnering with Orion Telecom, South Africa’s leading least-cost routing solutions provider, Tema Telecoms intends to provide government and corporate South Africa with leading technology and the benefits of Orion Telecom’s vast experience, as well as developing the skills of SMME agents from previously disadvantaged groupings who will participate on the board of Tema Telecoms executives. The Tema Telecoms Black Empowerment Trust gives full voting rights to executive board members – Black-Owned agents who will make up at least 25.1% of the ownership of Tema Telecoms.

Structure and Leadership
Vision & Mission
Broad-Based Black Empowerment Strategy