Tema Telecoms’ AllSave offering provides total peace of mind for clients. AllSave is a complete package providing guaranteed savings on cellular, international and national voice calls. By signing the AllSave agreement, Tema Telecoms undertakes to manage the client’s voice calls to achieve the stipulated guaranteed minimum savings, and will make up any shortfall of the savings percentage should Tema Telecoms be responsible.

In this way, Tema Telecoms removes all risk associated with savings from the client. With AllSave, it is Tema Telecoms’ responsibility to optimise traffic through its routers and SIM installations. This is achieved by constantly monitoring and managing the client’s usage and non-usage to ensure optimum utilisation of the technology.

Furthermore, Tema Telecoms will carry all costs associated with SIM card activation, installation and subscription, which further reduces the client’s initial investment, as well as creating savings on the client’s telephony bill. Clients need only sign a single contract with Tema Telecoms for the duration of the contracted period – no third-party suppliers are involved, and there are no hidden costs. This single contract replaces individual network contracts, which eliminates the hassle of re-signing new contracts to benefit from network tariff reductions.

Services covered by AllSave:

The AllSave contract covers all of Tema Telecoms’ advanced least-cost routing services: International, National and Cellular. Each contract may contain a combination of International and Cellular, or only one of these services. The following table shows the guaranteed savings that can be achieved through AllSave:

AllSave - % Guaranteed Savings
Guaranteed Saving
Service Description

Routes cellular calls directly to the GSM network, rather than through the fixed line network. The PABX is programmed to recognise 072, 082, 073, 083 and 084 numbers and automatically diverts these calls through an available router to any GSM network worldwide.

Under Managed Services, the current installation is automatically converted to “on-net” traffic flow only to achieve the highest savings possible.


A national call is made to a destination within South Africa, equal to or greater than 50km away from the originator of the call. Generally it will be all calls terminating in area codes other than the area code of origination. Calls are routed directly to the GSM network, rather than through the fixed line network.


International Fixed Line

Routes voice and fax calls directly to the National international gateway, rather than through the fixed line operator's network. This service covers most destinations around the world and the percentage saving is calculated on the prevailing Telkom rate on countries that we capture. Callback technology is used.


Mobile , SADC & Africa

With this option, we include additional international destinations, mainly Africa and SADC countries, as well as international mobile terminations, and offer a 20% saving on calls made to these destinations.


AllSave provides the following benefits for clients:

  • Guaranteed savings on National calls, Cellular calls and International calls to both international fixed line destinations and mobile calls to Southern African Development Community and African countries.
  • Tema Telecoms will make up any shortfall of savings as stipulated in the client’s AllSave contract.
  • Signing up for the AllSave offering requires only a single contract.
  • There are no subscription charges per SIM, and no additional services are required.
  • In most instances are no third-party PABX charges involved – no charges for configuration checks, least-cost routing programming and technical call-outs.

The AllSave offering includes the services of a dedicated account manager who will proactively monitor usage and non-usage of the client’s system, overflow and uptime, in order to optimise savings. The supply and maintenance of equipment is all taken care of by the AllSave contract, including hardware and software upgrades to ensure the most sophisticated technology available. All equipment supplied is also insured by Tema Telecoms.

Signing up for AllSave also ensures that clients are provided with comprehensive reporting of usage and savings per PABX port. This presents the user with an easy-to-read breakdown of exactly how efficiently the least-cost routing equipment is functioning. Tema Telecoms may include a monthly port management fee in the AllSave contract, depending on the size of the installation and the type of routers required. These details will be available in the Tema Telecoms proposal document.

Client responsibilities:
The following table lists the client’s responsibilities
in the AllSave contract:
Provision of infrastructure
Provide the infrastructure for connecting Tema Telecoms equipment.
Telkom & TMS Reporting
Provision of Telkom and TMS reporting to Tema Telecoms on a quarterly basis.
Introduction of new services

Permit Tema Telecoms the first option to introduce new services under the Managed Service offering.

Compliance with Tema Telecoms Terms & Conditions
A cancellation fee will apply where traffic patterns fall below required volumes as a result of non-compliance with the terms of the agreement and through no mismanagement by Tema Telecoms.

Tema Telecoms requires clients to sign a 24-month AllSave contract, regardless of which services are to be installed. The contract commencement date will be the date of activation of the applicable services, and any cancellation within the 24-month period will involve a settlement fee calculated on the amount equal to the balance of the contract period x 1/3 of the Telkom bill at the time of contract signature on all services combined.


The following table lists Tema Telecoms' responsibilities in the AllSave contract:

Tema Telecoms Responsibilities
Parameter Description
Minimum Savings Percentage
  • 35% on Cellular Calls
  • 10% on National Calls
  • 50% on National International fixed line Calls
  • 20% on National International mobile calls, SADC and Africa
Installation Time
  • 21 days from bandwidth approval
System Performance
Router Equipment Uptime
  • 99% of the system available and in working condition.
Captured Traffic
  • Tema Telecoms commits to capturing a minimum of 80% of available traffic.

This is subject to the required ports being made available by the client.

Network Optimisation
  • Optimisation (number of calls) of MTN, Vodacom, Cell C networks.
  • Overflow not to exceed 20%

The following table provides an example of calculating minimum guaranteed savings on AllSave least-cost routing services from Tema Telecoms:

Telkom Billing
Guaranteed Saving
Accept Service
Tema Cellular
R50 000
R16 667
Tema International Fixed Line
R15 000
Dedicated International Fax
Tema National
R10 000
Monthly Saving
Contract Saving
Tema Cellular
R17 500
R420 000
Tema International
R180 000
Tema National
R24 000
International Fax
Contract Period
24 months
Management Fee
Tema Cellular
Tema International
Tema National
Dedicated International Fax
R30 per machine

Please note:

  1. Savings are calculated on traffic captured by Tema Telecoms. Tema Telecoms commits to a minimum level of captured traffic as indicated in the Service Level Agreement.
  2. The guaranteed savings are subject to the prevailing network rates and tariffs. Should any network operator change any rates or tariffs, the guaranteed percentage will be amended accordingly.
  3. A settlement fee will apply where calls fall below the required thresholds as a result of non-compliance with the terms of the agreement and through no mismanagement by Tema Telecoms.
  4. The guaranteed savings depends on the provision of the required number of ports.
  5. Should the port requirements not be met by the client, Tema Telecoms cannot guarantee that they will capture at least 80% of the traffic and hence cannot guarantee the savings percentage.

Minimum requirements

  • The client’s PABX must be able to be programmed for least-cost routing.
  • The PABX must have sufficient ports available for connection to Tema Telecoms’ fixed cellular terminals.
  • The client’s landline bill for calls to cell phones must be sufficiently high to warrant the installation of Cellular, National or International. A Tema Telecoms consultant will be able to advise the client in each case.

PABX certification
Tema Telecoms has strong relationships with PBX suppliers, and all the equipment supplied by Tema has been tested and approved for use with all relevant PBX’s.

In some cases, Tema Telecoms may charge once-off fees for installation of Cellular, National or International – for line activation, SIM card and fixed cellular terminal (FCT) installations. These fees will be payable in arrears with the first invoice. Under some circumstances, these fees may be discounted. Please ask one of our consultants for details.

Tema Service Level Agreement for AllSave
The following service level parameters apply to each installation. The Tema Telecoms proposal document provided for the client will state the number of working days for each of the parameters:

Maintenance Service Level Agreements
Within the metropolitan reach of a Tema Telecoms office. This is approximately 70 km but the actual area definition is defined in service level maps that Tema Telecoms maintains.
Within approximately 70 km of an approved Tema Telecoms Agent (which includes maintenance agents).
Within approximately 10 km of a specially defined town/city and maintained by Tema Telecoms directly.
Within approximately 10 km of a specially defined town/city and maintained by an Tema Telecoms agent or maintenance agent.
Installation maintained by client itself.
Pro-active call monitoring
This is the pro-active monitoring of usage and non-usage on FCTs installed to ensure optimum uptime and therefore maximum savings for the client. This is done by special teams within the Tema Telecoms offices and includes calls to clients when any abnormalities are detected.
First Line Maintenance

This is a technician on site to perform:

  • A FCT reset (to clear lockups)
  • A wiring check
  • A software interface check between PABX and FCT
  • A SIM swap, if necessary
Second Line Maintenance

This includes all of First Line maintenance, plus: FCT replacement if necessary

Third Line Maintenance

This includes all of second line maintenance, plus: Sending a Tema Telecoms senior technician to site.

PABX call-out
This may apply to any of the 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd line maintenance levels and involves sending a PABX technician to site. This applies only when the PABX is supplied by one of Tema Telecoms' PABX supply partners. The proposal states this clearly.

Please note that “working days” refers to the maximum number of working days it will take to get to the client’s site from receipt of the call from the client. Working days are assumed to be from 08h00 to 17h00, excluding weekends and public holidays. All durations listed are typical and will be achieved 90% of the time. Currently, no on-site service is available after hours.

Quick and easy installation

Tema Telecoms carries out all assessment, installation and after-sales service. Tema Telecoms’ technicians evaluate the client’s equipment to ensure that all calls can be accommodated on the available telephony networks. There is no need to contact the PABX vendor or affect warranties – Tema Telecoms will take full responsibility for each installation. In addition, Tema Telecoms does not charge for installation of the Cellular, National or International solution, line activation, SIM card and fixed cellular routers.

Tema Telecoms’ agents will undertake bandwidth checks to ensure that traffic can be accommodated on the GSM network. These checks are made to calculate the correct number of routers required for each installation, and great care is taken in analysing each client’s particular needs. Tema Telecoms is committed to eliminating problems associated with down-time and bandwidth availability, and will monitor overflow at regular intervals in order to provide its clients with ongoing advice relating to usage patterns and further cost savings.

All Cellular, National or International routers are monitored by Tema Telecoms daily, ensuring that non-usage or underperformance will be rectified immediately. Tema Telecoms’ real-time monitoring ensures that fixed cellular terminals are always available and always functioning, thereby optimising savings and system capacity.

Tema Telecoms provides...

  • Insurance against manufacturing defaults on fixed cellular terminals.
  • Full use of all equipment installed on the client site, though all equipment remains the property of Tema Telecoms.
  • Free and unlimited technical call-outs to the client site. A call-out fee will only be charged if it is found that equipment not belonging to Tema Telecoms is responsible for the technical fault.
  • Any necessary SIM card replacements.
  • Daily pro-active analysis and usage checks by Tema Telecoms, including a daily email usage report.
  • Free upgrades, when required, to ensure proper PABX interface according to specifications.
  • Postal billing on request.
  • Access to daily usage reports and monthly savings reports on request, as well as graphs of the performance of cellular installations, at any time, night or day.


Tema Telecoms provides its clients with comprehensive and easy-to-read bills at the end of every month via email. Each bill summarises statistics pertaining to usage, provides itemised billing and a breakdown of savings for each call made during that month. Itemised billing can be provided in printout, email, CD or diskette on request. Payment options include debit order arrangements, for quick and easy payment.


How to get started

Getting started with Tema Telecoms is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Provide Tema Telecoms with copies of your Telkom phone bill preferbly in electronic format for the last three months, which we will use to analyse and break down your call usage pattern. This will form the basis of our proposal, as well as showing how many fixed cellular terminals will be required for your business needs.
  2. Tema Telecoms will present a Cellular, National or International proposal based on the call patterns identified in Step 1.
  3. On acceptance of the proposal, Tema Telecoms will conduct bandwidth checks, apply for any necessary bandwidth from the various network operators, scope the installation and implement the solution.